Latest news from LUVOTECH®

October 22, 2020

When market requirements change, the LEHVOSS group is quick to react. They meet the requirements through a new and modernized product portfolio to the LUVOTECH® line. It consists of technical, high-strength and rigid high-temperature polyamide compounds, this in combination with recycling and the extra “eco” designation. 

The LUVOTECH® eco product line is based on PA 6, PA 66, PC / ABS and high-performance polymer PEEK, which offers an economical alternative to established materials. They are based on plastics from post-production sources and enable competitive solutions with an improved CO2 balance sheet to be implemented. 

The LUVOTECH PAHT® product family is based on a high-temperature polyamide and is offered with a glass fiber reinforcement content of 40-60%. The LUVOTECH® line is aimed at applications that require high demands in terms of strength and rigidity, while at the same time requiring increased temperature resistance. In the future there are plans to exercise the production line.