The future of carbon fiber

October 26, 2020

Are you searching for carbon fiber compounds that are ultra strong, stiff and tough? In this article you can read all the benefits of using Luvocom XCF. 

We know that many applications call for materials with high strengths, while at the same time they have to be light – especially in the case of competent subjects to dynamic stress. Generelly, properties such as low thermal expansion, high dimensional accuracy and long-term dimensional stability are additionally required. At Mape Plastics and with Luvocom XCF we meet these demands with specially fiber-reinforced compounds  – particularly through the use of carbon-fiber reinforcement. 

As a result of Luvocom XCF performance, it provides an even greater scope of replacing metals and composite materials (CFRP and GFRP). Luvocom XCF compounds are used for components subject to high mechanical requirements. The motivation for this is to reduce weight or costs. Another approach is to substitute plastics with short and long glass-fiber reinforcement in applications where additional weight savings are required. Examples of such applications are lifts with high-performance motors or electric drive systems.

The main advantages of the Luvocom XCF:

  • Flexural strengths of up to 530 MPa
  • Tensile moduli of up to 52 Gpa
  • Reduction of weight of up to 68%
  • Reduction of system costs of up to 70%
  • Made-to-measure solutions

Luvocom XCF carbon fiber compounds offer outstanding strength, stiffness and impact resistance at the same time, as well as low thermal extension, improved thermal conductivity and high dimensional accuracy. Are you searching for carbon fiber that compounds ultra strong, stiff and tough? If that’s soo, Luvocom XCF is the answer.