Best-in-class Compounds by RTP

November 16, 2020

Named “best in class” compared to similar compounds, the 100 extra performance series from RTP does not joke around. With exceptional balance of high modulus and impact resistance it’s no doubt this really is the best in the class.

RTP 100 XP Compounds are a series of polypropylene compounds formulated for higher strength, modulus, and impact properties than any previously existing standard glass reinforced polypropylene compounds — and by a wide margin. These compounds exhibit up to 20% higher modulus values and more than 50% improvement in impact compared to common glass fiber reinforced polypropylenes! 

By nature, polypropylene compounds are relatively lightweight; have excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals, fluids, and lubricants; and are non-hygroscopic. These facts make RTP 100 XP Compounds excellent alternatives to Nylon or other hygroscopic compounds where moisture can reduce the load bearing capability of these polymers.

RTP 100 XP Compounds are made using our optimized manufacturing process, advanced additive technologies, and formulation expertise. They are available worldwide as standard pellets in formulations containing glass fiber reinforcement ranging from 10-50 wt%. Additional additive technologies may be incorporated to create robust compounds that are engineered to meet extremely demanding requirements such as long term heat aging, cold weather impact resistance, flame retardance, ultra violet protection, or compliance with government agency approvals.

So, there is no question about it. The RTP 100 XP got extra strength compared to standard short glass fiber. To summarize the features and benefits: let’s just say they really deserve the “best-in-class” title.