Mape Plastics recruits within marketing

December 13, 2021

Mape Plastics continues to grow, now with marketing in mind.

We are proud to present our new employee Gustav Svenungsson, who will join us as Chief Marketing Officer, to ensure our growth and development as a sustainable company and partner. An important step towards reaching even greater in the manufacturing industry with our suppliers’ products and materials.

Gustav Svenungsson comes recently from the marketing agency AdGrowth and will now take a holistic approach to Mape Plastics marketing. 

– My ambition is a more sustainable focus, and to reach out more broadly about how we and the industry works with reusable materials and so on, says Gustav Svenungsson, CMO.

We want to be part of a balanced dialogue around plastic as a material. We also want the industry to better communicate all their sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives that take place, and how we actually work with these matters on a daily basis. 

– Together with partners and customers, we work constantly to optimize sustainability and increase the use of recycled materials. We also work a lot with metal replacement, there are great gains in replacing metal with plastic as a construction material, says Per Waldenström, technical director.

– We’re on an exciting journey, with fantastic partners and clients, now it’s time to reach out better and further with all our exciting projects, says Magnus Waldenström, managing director.

Today we see a growing demand of recycled materials, but with increased demand, prices will also be higher, something that the end consumer may suffer in the end. Are people prepared to pay a higher price for sustainability, asks Magnus Waldenström.