Official distributors for LANXESS

February 16, 2022

We can proudly present our partnership with LANXESS, as we now serve as an official distributor for engineering plastics of Durethan® (PA6, PA66) and Pocan® (PBT, PBT-blends). 

– LANXESS is an inspiring company and an invaluable supplier to the industry, ensuring for example future mobility with its engineering plastics. We’ve had a successful relationship so far and appreciate their cooperation for our customers best interest, says Magnus Waldenström, managing director at Mape Plastics. 

Their focus on E-mobility is impressive as the future requires environmental friendly forms of mobility. LANXESS high performance materials are ideal for lightweight components, such as front ends, brake pedals, battery housings and charging systems. 

Durethan® (PA6, PA66) and Pocan® (PBT, PBT-blends) are suitable for a wide range of applications in hybrid or purely electric vehicles. And Pocan® can be used as a housing material for battery management systems. It is already used in high-voltage battery systems in series production. LANXESS polyamides and polyesters are also used in connectors and housings for sensors, displays or control units in vehicles. These materials are also suitable for the lightweight design of seat backs or shells for new seats concepts. 

LANXESS thermoplastics are also used in the electrical and electronic industries.

– The collaboration with LANXESS has been great from the start. Mladen Lukic from LANXESS attended our two fairs visits at Elmia Subcontractor in Jönköping and Plastteknik Nordic in Malmö, and his attendance and knowledge made a tremendous impact and was invaluable for our visitors and customers, says Johan Malmgren, business manager at Mape Plastics. 

– We have a lot of exciting projects, and are delighted to have the team from Mape Plastics aboard to distribute and market our brands, says Mladen Lukic, country group sales manager from LANXESS. 

Mape Plastics look forward to a continued successful partnership. LANXESS quality products will be of great benefit for our customers in the Nordic market. 

– In many cases you can replace PA66 with PA6 and save costs at equal performance and better availability. LANXESS also manufactures glass fibers, which is a great strength and advantage, says Per Waldenström, technical director at Mape Plastics. 

Get in touch to know more about the possibilities with Durethan® (PA6, PA66) and Pocan® (PBT, PBT-blends). Let’s find the perfect solution for you.