About us


We are one of the Nordic region’s leading distributors of raw materials for the plastic industry. This is the story of us and what we do to always be at the front edge in the business.


Mape Plastics is one of the Nordic region’s leading distributors of raw materials for the plastic industry. We offer a wide range of products, ranging from volume plastics to high performance thermoplastics. Through constant development and our many years of experience in the polymer industry, we can help existing and new customers with everything from material selection to technical issues regarding plastics and it’s properties. Of course we always try to present the best and the most cost-effective options for choice of material. Mape Plastics is perhaps the plastic partner who attaches the greatest importance to personal relationships in the daily dialogue with customers!


In 2015, Mape Plastics invested in a new property with it’s own warehouse. This with the ambition to regulate and have more control over the logistics chain associated with distribution. Today, we can ensure really fast deliviery when the need arises. We are proud to be a family business with minimal decision paths and lead time. This makes us perhaps the most customizable partner in the market. We want to emphasize our flexibility and personal service as two distinctive strengths!


In 2001, the brothers Per and Magnus Waldenström founded the polymer company Mape Plastics AB. The strategy and the idea behind the company emerged from an idea of creating something new and more innovative in the plastic industry. The main reason for the idea was to be able to implement the best imaginable materials for customers. Now we can proudly say that we today are still thinking in those terms, and the same stands for the future. At the same time, we are proud to be one of the few independent distributors in the Nordic region. This gives us great opportunities in the future to be flexible towards our customers. We are a passionate team with great commitment to everything we do, something that reflects on the daily contacts with our customers.