PA66 Replacement

Make a change to PA6, with the benefits of better access, lower price and better processability.

“The supply chain for precursors of PA66 compounds is structurally strained. ENVALIOR offers reliable and cost-efficient solutions to replace PA66, with several benefits as well.”

– Johan Malmgren, Business Manager, Mape Plastics



Globally we see a tightness in the supply of PA66, due to strained capacity of ADN (Adiponitrile) producers, which leads to market price increases in all regions. European PA66 supply depends on one single plant, with ADN as the key bottleneck in the chain with only 6 ADN plants globally.

But there’s a simple solution.

PA6 convinces with

excellent properties

Many companies have already embarked on replacing PA66 with PA6. PBT is also an interesting alternative in certain applications. Changeover is possible in many cases and has successfully been done.

Our supplier ENVALIOR offers world-leading engineering plastics of the highest quality. Their brand Durethan® (PA6, PA66) are the versatile solution for your engineering applications and Pocan® (PBT, PBT-blends) are the answer to your performance challenges. Their materials exists in a diversity of grades with convincing properties. We are proud to partner with ENVALIOR.

Let us support you in your replacement.

Do you see any hurdles?

We have solutions to make a change.

If the difference in creep is a problem, additional glass fiber can improve the creep modulus significantly. The mechanical advantages of PA66 can easily be compensated with increased fiber content or the usage of Durethan P-grades. Difference in shrinkage can be solved with higher filling content, but also by optimizing the processing parameters.

There’s a lot of proven solutions to different challenges, and we are here to assist. 

Only in two areas, PA66 are a better choice:

– Water glycol resistance above 120°C

– Hot air: peak temperatures above 200°C




”ENVALIOR High-Performance Plastics Durethan® B, Pocan® and Tepex® have material properties that provide excellent solutions for applications where PA66 is currently used. Without sacrificing functionality.”


– Frederique van Baarle, Head of Business Unit HPM, ENVALIOR

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