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    We are one of the leading distributors of raw materials for the plastics industry in the Nordic region. We act as a knowledgeable partner that offers everything from volume to engineering plastics, as well as high-performance thermoplastics.

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We are specialists in the plastics industry and are happy to share our knowledge, news and successes.

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Mape Plastics is one of the leading distributors of engineering and high-performance thermoplastics in the Nordic region. We are a family business with a short decision-making process that strives to perform and deliver according to our customer expectations every day. We offer: extensive knowledge, fast service and safe distribution.

Since we have a genuine passion for plastics, we follow the latest developments and stay updated on the advanced materials for critical applications, as well as green and recycled grades of plastic.

Together with some of the world’s leading suppliers, we are proud to offer fantastic materials in a wide range of qualities, to ensure a combination of durability and the right price.