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Acrylonitrile – Butadiene – Styrene (ABS) is a mixture of SAN block copolymer with a butadiene rubber. ABS has a higher impact resistance but lower rigidity than SAN. The properties of ABS vary widely depending on how much butadiene rubber and acrylonitrile are used in the copolymer.

ABS Properties

  • Amorphous structure with a Tg of 105-115 C, depending of the quality of the ABS
  • Opaque with normally a slightly yellow tone
  • High gloss
  • High stiffness and hardness up tp 80 C
  • Impact resistent, even at -40 C
  • High scratch resistance
  • Chemical resistant , especially against microspray formation
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Not resistant to UV


ABS has excellent impact strength, moldability and paintability, and is a very practical material thanks to its wide applications in various fields. We offer the product starex®, from our partner LOTTE Chemical. starex® covers a broad range of product groups including ABS and ASA. Depending on required features such as general purpose, extrusion, flame retardant, heat resistance, and plating/painting, LOTTE Chemical offers a variety of ABS grades.

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