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ASA is an amorphous thermoplastic with a glass transition temperature of 100 C. ASA offers a combination of mechanical and chemical properties at a low cost. ASA has better UV resistance than ABS. But the impact resistance is lower in the cold than ABS.

ASA Properties

  • Good mechanical strength and chemical resistance, but not against solvents
  • High impact strength, surface hardness and surface finish
  • Very good color resistance
  • Good outdoor resistance and dimensional stability


starex® (ASA), the material of choice when it comes to weatherability, chemical resistance, gloss and processability. Often used for outdoor applications with long-term exposure to external environments.

We offer the product starex®, from our partner LOTTE Chemical. starex® covers a broad range of product groups including ABS and ASA. 

ASA application in automotive
starex med vit bakgrund
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