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PC/ABS is a mixture of PC and ABS which gives a unique combination of properties. Good processing properties from ABS and good mechanical properties, impact and heat resistance from PC. PC/ABS is an amorphous engineering plastic with a glass transition temperature of around 130 degrees.

PC/ABS Properties

  • High stiffness
  • High impact strength at low temperatures
  • By adjusting the ratio of PC and ABS in the material, it is possible to control the properties
  • High heat resistance
  • Suitable for applications subject to large temperature variations (95-125°C)
  • Excellent toughness at low temperatures
  • Low shrinkage and high dimensional accuracy
  • Easy to process
  • Can be colored and written on


INFINO® is our partner LOTTE Chemical leading brand in engineering plastics, which symbolizes the company’s commitment to creating new values and striving for broad opportunities for customers.

INFINO® is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and thus has various products with outstanding heat stability and workability.

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