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Polyamide 4.6 (PA 4.6)

Polyamide 4.6 (PA 4.6) is an aliphatic polyamide. Despite the similarity in molecular structure with PA 6.6, PA 4.6 has a higher melting point and a faster crystallization. PA 4.6 takes up more moisture than other polyamides.

PA 4.6 Properties

  • High temperature resistance, with a melting point of 296 C
  • Excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance
  • Low creep and excellent fatigue properties
  • Very liquid
  • Low abrasion


Our partner LEHVOSS Group product LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds offer many advantages over traditional materials, like metals. Carbon-fibre reinforced compounds combine low weight with good mechanical properties such as strength and rigidity. High-temperature resistant compounds withstand continuous operation temperatures of up to 320 °C and offer high strength and wear resistance even at high temperatures. Lubricant-modified compounds reduce wear and guarantee better slippage. Thermally conductive and electrically conductive compounds dissipate heat and electrostatic charges and thus help to ensure greater safety and better performance. Detectable compounds raise safety in food production and avoid damage for the consumer.

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