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Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous structural plastic with a glass transition tempreature of 150 C. Polycarbonate has properties such as high stiffness and toughness up to 135 C. Glass fiber filled PC grades have a very good crawler resistance up to 145 C and an excellent impact resistance.

PC Properties

  • Amorphous structure with a continuous operating temperature of 115 C
  • High rigidity, hardness ans toughness over a wide temperature range, from -150 C to + 135 C
  • Excellent coloring possibilities
  • Transparent and high gloss in its natural form
  • Flame retardant qualities
  • Limited chemical resistance, particularly sensitive to microspray, formation and hydrolysis
  • Sensitive to fractures


INFINO® is our partner LOTTE Chemical’s leading engineering plastics brand, symbolizing the company’s commitment to creating new values and pursue diverse possibilities for customers.

INFINO® is manufactured in an eco-friendly manner, thus possessing various products with outstanding heat stability and machinability.

PC application on a car
infino med vit bakgrund
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