Bergo Flooring has manufactured plastic floor tiles since 1972 and owns the entire value chain from raw material to finished product. The composite floors are sold through project sales, resellers and partners worldwide.

”Mape Plastics is one of our strategic suppliers of raw materials. For us, partnership is about values and becoming good together.”

– Emil Lindén, CEO Bergo Flooring

Value-driven strategic partnership

Bergo Flooring has been developing, producing and supplying multifunctional floor tiles since 1972. The probability that you have stood, worked or otherwise been physically active on one of their floors is very high. Their well-known tiles are found in garages and carports, on balconies and verandas, tennis and basketball courts, by swimming pools and on the decks of luxury cruisers around the world. It requires polymers of the highest quality.

For Bergo Flooring, their development and production of floor tiles is about so much more than a durable floor to stand on. The company is strongly driven by values ​​and sees its floors as parts of solutions to get people to meet and do things together.

– We want our floors to make a difference. A school yard with a fun and inviting surface or a basketball court in the middle of town can unite people from different backgrounds. We believe that every school and city deserves attractive spaces. We want to be involved and contribute to that, says the company’s CEO Emil Lindén.

The value-driven perspective also applies to the selection of and collaboration with suppliers. For Emil Lindén and Bergo Flooring, the partnership is about an ongoing journey where they make each other better through reliability and being open to new opportunities.

– We believe in being involved in each other’s business and finding new opportunities in the collaboration. We do that with Mape Plastics. You rarely become the best only by yourself, but together with others. Then you need to have the best partnership.

Bergo Flooring is heavy on a few polymers. Of course, the quality is important because the floor tiles that are put together must have the same shade, size and quality. The raw material must also be as clean as possible and contain no toxins. At least as important, however, is that you have a supplier you can work with long-term, who can deliver based on needs and who adds knowledge. Mape Plastics does this.

– They are one of our strategic suppliers who find solutions and can respond to our challenges. With their knowledge, they can definitely come up with suggestions and point to new possibilities regarding plastics and qualities, concludes Emil Lindén.

Mape Plastics

Made to perform

Challenge: Bergo Flooring needs a flexible partner who can guarantee a raw material with consistent and high quality based on production needs.

Solution: Through knowledge, good supplier contacts, continuous dialogue with Bergo Flooring, the ability to keep stock and short transport routes, Mape Plastics can be flexible based on their needs.


Did you know that Bergo Flooring invented the first floor tile? They were founded in 1972 and have their manufacturing in Anderstorp in Småland. Read more on their website.



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